Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adventures beyond the body

Viva, segue um relato interessantíssimo retirado do livro "Adventures beyond the body" de William Buhlman.

"Journal Entry, October 25, 1973

I become increasingly relaxed and drowsy as i repeat an out-of-body affirmation: "Now i'm out-of-body". The next thing i know, i'm sitting up in bed completely aware and looking around my room. Vibrations flow through me as i lift and separate from my body, walk through my bedroom wall, and enter a new environment.
I am walking on a sidewalk or path of some kind, and all around me is a wide, flat expanse. In the distance a radio tower extends as far as i can see. I have a strong urge to go to it and say to myself, "i must make it to the tower". Instantly i am closer to it. Directly in front of me are dozens of old metal trash cans blocking my way. I begin to push them aside and ask aloud, "What do these things represent?" At that instant, a series of vivid pictures appears in my mind; i can't tell if it's originating from within me or somehow outside of me. "Very good, you're starting to understand. You are in a higher vibratory region, a thought-responsive environment. Your perceptions of your surroundings are created by your mind. Your mind is interpreting the environment according to the reference points and forms it can relate to."
My mind overflows with excitement. For the first time, i understand the obvious. The sidewalk is my path, the direction of my life. The trash cans are all the garbage that slows my progress: my fears, limits, and attachments. All these things must be removed from my path for me to move forward and achieve my spiritual goals."

De forma intuítiva, acho que a frase que sublinhei é altamente mistérica. O que acham vocês?

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